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ok, so i have seen this question pop up a few times before, but i don’t ever see anyone answering them or anything. but it’s the exact same problem as i keep seeing with other people. but ill try to give a more detailed description about the problem.

i go to customize profile, and i go to ‘pages’>’add a page’.

my url address is definitelynotasock.tumblr.com, and when the ‘add a page’ window pops up, under “Page URL”, it cuts off my url and shows starting with only part of the last ‘e’ in “definitely” and is followed by the rest of the url address. so it say “elynotasock.tumblr.com” (with part of that ‘e’ chopped off).

i dont know if it is normally supposed to do this, but it wont let me click on the space to move it, delete it, insert letters, etc. so it’s just stuck at ‘elynotasock.tumblr.com’

the problem that i keep seeing that other people have is that once they try to add a page, the window will turn blank and say, “No URL specified.”

i figured it must be some bug, and if so then it should probably be fixed. because im no braniac and i am a noob to tumblr and have NO idea how to fix this.

so any help would be appreciated.

and if you know the problem and know how to fix it, then try to ‘dumb down’ your vocabulary so i can understand you. i have no knowledge with hardcore html or css or any of that stuff.

please and thank you

I am not an employee of Tumblr. You should contact Tumblr support http://www.tumblr.com/help

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