Tumblr Bugs
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My picture doesn’t show up

I’ve been uploading a picture for tumblr so many times, but it doesn’t show on my actual tumblr page. I can see my picture when I am on my dashboard but when I go on my Tumblr page, my picture/avatar is not there. How am I supposed to fix that?

Photo uploading help ?

Whenever i go to ‘customize’ ; info ; and i browse for a new picture ; and i choose the picture; clicks on save ; & the page takes forever to respond. Then finally , a new page pops up and says the connection was reset. problem loading page

{Ed. I have this same problem too. I’ve started uploading the pictures somewhere online and then just use the URL because it happens so often.}



ok, so i have seen this question pop up a few times before, but i don’t ever see anyone answering them or anything. but it’s the exact same problem as i keep seeing with other people. but ill try to give a more detailed description about the problem.

i go to customize profile, and i go to ‘pages’>’add a page’.

my url address is definitelynotasock.tumblr.com, and when the ‘add a page’ window pops up, under “Page URL”, it cuts off my url and shows starting with only part of the last ‘e’ in “definitely” and is followed by the rest of the url address. so it say “elynotasock.tumblr.com” (with part of that ‘e’ chopped off).

i dont know if it is normally supposed to do this, but it wont let me click on the space to move it, delete it, insert letters, etc. so it’s just stuck at ‘elynotasock.tumblr.com’

the problem that i keep seeing that other people have is that once they try to add a page, the window will turn blank and say, “No URL specified.”

i figured it must be some bug, and if so then it should probably be fixed. because im no braniac and i am a noob to tumblr and have NO idea how to fix this.

so any help would be appreciated.

and if you know the problem and know how to fix it, then try to ‘dumb down’ your vocabulary so i can understand you. i have no knowledge with hardcore html or css or any of that stuff.

please and thank you

I am not an employee of Tumblr. You should contact Tumblr support http://www.tumblr.com/help

# of Notes Listed On Stationary Theme

Hello!  I was hoping you could help me with this.

If you check out my blog, you will see that on any blog that has more than 1 note, the main page lists it as having 1 less note than it actually does.  For example, on the Aug. 3, 2010 “Severed Arm Transforms Into Shark” post, it lists that I have 4 notes on the main page, but when you click it, you will see that there are actually 5 notes.  Several of the posts are like that, aside from the ones that only have 1. 

This seems like a pretty easy fix, but I guess you can say I’m a noob and need a little help.  :)


{Ed. I’ve seen this too, but I don’t know what the answer is. You should definitely contact support about it.}


Okay , i have a custom html profile & when i upload pictures , quotes  , it doesnt pop up on my profile . what i have to do is keep getting the code for everything i post on my profile going to custom html ALL THE TIME . i want to keep my custom  profile but nothing will pop up unless i keep doing that procedure over & over again . plus it wont let me make more pages !

Once again, let me remind people that if you need help from Tumblr (as opposed to me who is Just Some Guy), contact them through http://www.tumblr.com/help

Tagged Page Not Found

Had a problem with my “tagged” pages (the pages that list all posts with a given tag; generally [blog name].tumblr.com/tagged[tag name] bringing up a page that said “not found”.

This wasn’t the standard Tumblr 404 page—my theme still loaded, just with the “Not Found” page content. I have a lot of blogs set up at Tumblr, so I moved the page to a new account, and this resolved the issue. 


So I reached 666 likes on my dashboard, and whenever I try to like more posts, it goes higher but when I log in again later it goes back to 666. It’s been like this for quite a while and is it really like that?

Adding New Pages

I can’t add a new page because it tells me that “No URL Specified” and idk what to do lol

Yeah. The Custom HTML

So I’ve looked it up everywhere and finally I saw a post like mine where the cutsom html button does not show up. I mean, it can rrefresh the page or restart my computer but the three tabs that are suppose to appear in theme just aren’t showing up. Is it because I use Internet Explorer or something because I really want to change my theme but I am just not finding the custom html tab.

***Answer***: It may be because you are using Internet Explorer, especially if it’s an older version. Have you tried Safari, Chrome, or Firefox?